Lost your motivation to study?

Overcoming Fading Enthusiasm when preparing for the SAT and the ACT is an issue that many students deal with especially when the prep lasts for a few months.

Let's begin by talking about motivation and enthusiasm in general.

Motivation is a feeling that gets created by your thoughts. Seriously, motivation or enthusiasm don't just happen to you. And believe me, this is good news. If enthusiasm is a feeling that you can create, how do you do it?

Feelings are created by your thinking. Therefore, in order to feel enthusiasm, you must think thoughts that make you feel enthusiastic. Simple, but not easy.

For example, thoughts like

🔴I've got this!

🔴I can figure this out.

🔴I am smart enough to do this.

🔴This is doable.

🔴There is plenty of time if I cut out [ my phone time in half/ organize my time well/ etc.]

evoke a certain level of enthusiasm in most people. Your thoughts are going to be unique to you though. To uncover your powerful thinking patterns, let's do this exercise.

LINK with the PDF to the exercise.

Answer these questions:

☑️How were you feeling when you first started to prepare for the exam?

☑️What was the thinking that created that feeling?

☑️How do you feel now?

☑️What thoughts are you thinking now that are creating your current feeling?

☑️ What's the major difference between the thinking at the beginning and now?

☑️What will happen if you keep your current thoughts?

☑️What thoughts do you need to think (on purpose) to get the score you want?

Now, that you've uncovered what your brain thinks now and what it was thinking at the beginning of your test prep, it's your responsibility to direct your brain and think on purpose. Trust me, you can ask your brain to think different thoughts.

I am not talking about simply repeating the thought ( I can do this) to yourself over and over again. Rather, I am talking about thinking and believing on purpose.

For many of my students, just becoming aware of their thinking makes a big difference. They say to me "Wow, I wasn't aware how powerful my brain is. I can make myself happy, and I also can make myself miserable." The choice is truly yours.

Remember, this exercise will only work if you lean in and actually do it.

LINK to the PDF, again.