Many students don’t know that they could get a copy of their standardized test whether they took the SAT or the ACT. However, you can not get this service for any test date😤. Here are the exact rules:

The SAT offers a QAS (Question and Answer Service) ONLY for Saturday tests. If you took the test during the week or on a Sunday because you go to a Jewish school - ce la vie. No QAS for you. Why? The SAT is giving different test forms on those alternative days and plans to reuse them a few years from now. The QAS can be obtained only on THREE test dates per year: March, May, and October. To remember these months, think - MOM - March, October, May. You can order the QAS when you register to take the test, and you will get it right away as soon as you get your scores. Now, the SAT offers the QAS digitally online, and you can see the questions and passages right in your online profile. If you wrote the essay, you must be getting a copy of the essay as well as apart of your QAS at no extra cost.

Now, this is the information for the ACT gang. The ACT uses a slightly less confusing 3 - letter acronym: TIR (Test Information Release). TIR also releases Saturday test exclusively, and the times are April, June, and December. To remember these months - think about “ A DJ” ( April, December, June). Just like for the SAT’s QAS, you can register and pre-pay for your TIR when you register to take the test. To get a copy of your essay, the TIR requires that you send in an additional form with payment to view your essay. For now, the ACT’s TIR is still the old-fashioned paper booklet version that is sent in the mail (and takes about 4-6 weeks to arrive).

By now, you should be well aware of what the QAS and TIR stand for, but you are probably wondering how does this affect your test prep. If so, we are about to answer this question. Most of the high scorers take the test at least two times. Many of my students register for a trifecta of tests, such as May, October and December for the SAT, and April, June, August for the ACT. Notice that the first two dates of their standardized test trifecta provide a copy of the test, while the last time doesn’t. The reason a reason for this. I strongly believe in helping my students improve their scores by not only teaching them new material and giving them practice tests but also by having them re-solve their wrong answers and correcting their mistakes.

Real progress in test prep comes from you understanding your errors. Once you identify the questions you get wrong, resist the temptation of looking up the right answer and try to re-solve the problem again. By attempting to solve the question again, you get to recognize your faulty logic and develop the skill of identifying wrong answers among the answer choices that are given to you. The questions you got wrong on the test end up going into an error log, where you carefully keep track of your mistakes and learn from them.🔽🔽

For these reasons, I encourage you to invest in the QAS and TIR and schedule your initial test dates on the days when the QAS or TIR is available.

📌 Please let me know when you are taking the test and what your target score is. I'd love to know and see if I can help.