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This course is ONLY for SebersonMethod students who have recently completed a LIVE class either at our offices in New York or as a part of our corporate training program. If you have just finished a "Yes, You Can Speed Read!" with us, welcome back! We are excited to have you come back and work on your skills. Here, you will find supplementary materials and links to enhance your 7 skills of Speed Reading.

If you haven't gotten a chance to attend a LIVE class yet, please leave your email below - we will keep you posted.


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Katya Seberson & May Ling  Lai
Katya Seberson & May Ling Lai

May Ling Lai is a retired Wall Street professional with over 16 years of experience. She began her career at two of the top investment banks: Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. She later managed a large equity short portfolio for a New York Based Hedge Fund. Ultimately, she was a founding partner of the Kiski Group, a boutique financial services firm that offered Asset Management, Risk, and Consulting Services. At Kiski, she at first lead the Analytic department and later created and ran the Innovations Consulting Business to help large asset managers with speciality projects.

May Ling’s expertise spans strategy, innovation, financial services, investments, statistical research, systems development, staffing and culture development, and entrepreneurialism. She has worked with C-Suite at some of the largest firms to help them brainstorm, clarify strategy, and achieve their goals.

She retired in 2017 and has been working on passion projects, helping entrepreneurs, and writing a book called The Low Hanging Fruit of Innovation: Why Some Innovate Easily & Consistently, due out by the end of 2018.

Katya Seberson is the Founder & CEO of Executive Mind ( a Manhattan-based learning firm) and inventor of the Seberson Method (a scientifically-proven approach to learning vocabulary quickly and effectively.) She has been teaching NYC’s top executives and their children for over 10 years. Katya is known for producing results. Her clients achieve their learning goals. For standardized tests, Katya’s teen clients see an average increase of 190 points for the SAT and 6 full points for the ACT.