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If you're a high-school student and you want to ace your SATⓇ and secure your dream college, this is the most important thing you'll read all day.

Hi! My name is Katya Seberson, and I help high-school students reach their SAT Goals without paying thousands of dollars, having no long-term commitments, or driving to lessons.

I get it: SAT prep can be very confusing and overwhelming as you receive contradictory information about what to study, how to prepare, and what to focus on. Personally, I have seen 9 YouTube videos titled "1600 without Studying" and many more similarly gimmicky TikToks. Unfortunately, many people on social media give bad SAT advice. I am sure that most of the creators are well-intentioned and want to help, but they accidentally confuse high schoolers, further lowering their scores.

The truth is that You HAVE to Study for the SATⓇ. There is no magic shortcut, but there is a clear path to SATⓇ success. If you are willing to do the work, you will get the result. Preparing for the SAT is akin to following a formula. Over the last 10 years, I developed a formula that works. It did not only work for me; it worked for hundreds of my students worldwide.

Below are some of my student's successes. I like to call these "Before and After" ⬇️

When I was preparing for the SATⓇ for the first time, I thought that most reading questions were open to more than one interpretation, and choosing one answer over the other was complete insanity 🤯. This was me in early 2016⬇️⬇️⬇️

Of course, I would constantly run out of time on the SATⓇ reading. Every passage would take me 15 minutes, while history passages did NOT make sense at all - no matter how much time I've spent☹️. Paired passages presented a different challenge: the last few questions asked to compare two especially brutal passages. I felt ashamed and inadequate, not knowing HOW TO IMPROVE my SATⓇ reading.

Every time I took a practice test, I felt a sharp blow to my confidence. I wondered what was wrong with me...

How could I be so stupid?

How could the SATⓇ be so brutal?

How does everyone else just seems to "get it"?

Grammar rules seemed obscure and subjective.

I always thought that writing was more of an art than science, so punctuation was driven by feelings and not rules. Why couldn’t I use a semicolon (;)? How is the single comma better than a dash or comma + FANBOYS? Who are FANBOYS? What are modifiers? What is the best introduction/conclusion to the paragraph? How am I supposed to know?

Math was a separate issue: I knew most topics on the test, yet I still ended up with 680 on my first try because I made 3 careless mistakes and more than 7 questions struck me with their weird wording. Questions about Data Interpretation were especially tricky, and I was not prepared for such level of detail.

Although I did have access to the SATⓇ Bluebook, many explanations in it sounded overly academic and would often make me even more confused. I could not score above 600 on the verbal section and 700 on math on every practice test I took.

However, I was determined. I went on the hunt for resources, strategies, lessons, and tips. I almost lived in the library. With the help of Reddit, Erica Meltzer's books, the SAT Black Book, College Panda, YouTube, reading comprehension training, and many more resources, I was able to reach my goal in June 2017!

Having achieved it the hard way (using books and self-study resources), I wanted to become the source of solutions for other students. I started contributing to Reddit, YouTube, and recently to TikTok. I also began tutoring the SATⓇ. Over the years, I have helped hundreds of students reach their goals. Below is another incredible"BEFORE AND AFTER" of my former student.


What is included in SATⓇ Help???

Once you join the membership, you will immediately get access to a library of SAT video training and the "Ask Katya" section. Then, in less than 24 hours after your sign-up, you will get an email from us with a link where you can schedule your 15-minute 1:1 onboarding lesson with Katya. First, we want to know your strengths and weakness, so we can better suggest areas of focus, specific study schedules, and resources.

What if I can't make it to the LIVE class?

Don't worry! The recording will be available to you at any time. Additionally, you can always get direct tutoring from me through ASK Katya. More on that later.

Why teach the SAT Verbal?

There will be 2 Grammar and 1 Reading Class Every Week. I emphasize teaching SAT Verbal because it's an easy way for my students to make significant score gains. However, the SAT is NOT designed as a regular high school test; therefore, you shouldn't be studying for the SATⓇ the same way you study for your high school exams.

There is a FUNDAMENTAL difference between your English class reading discussion and the SATⓇ reading section! The skills you'll need on the SAT verbal often DON'T get introduced at school - unless you have a phenomenal English teacher who taught you to approach reading comprehension questions as a system of ideas. Unfortunately, these teachers are hard to come by. Sad. I know.

But I have some good news for you. I can be your English teacher every week!

Why Teach SAT Math?

Even if you are an A+ math student at school, some SAT math questions can appear confusing at first. So, I focus on training my students to recognize the language of SAT and show them numerous ways the SAT can test the same concept. Ultimately, my students end up with a book of rules that they apply on the SAT and raise their scores.

If you want to improve your overall score on the SAT, you should join the SATⓇ Help. As a member, you will get access to 4 weekly live classes with me AND get a chance to ask me questions in the ASK Katya section.

The College Board Explanations Are Purposefully Unclear.

Think about it. Imagine you and I were running a billion-dollar company (The College Board) whose success relies on students making

silly mistakes on every test. No matter how intelligent students are and no matter how much they study. Would we (the business owners) be invested in opening the "rules of the game"? Of course not!

You see, the SAT's success rests on keeping the reasons why answer choice D is correct and A is wrong a secret. If the College Board were to explain exactly what constitutes the correct answer on the reading or grammar sections, they would be chipping away at their business model. So, to help you navigate why some answers are wrong, and others are right, I added the ASK Katya section to the SATⓇ Help.

That way, you can clear explanation to each of your questions.

ASK Katya section lets you send me unlimited explanation requests. In turn, I promise to respond in 48 hours or less. Honestly, this might be my favorite section. In ASK Katya, you will see how the College Board uses repeating patterns to design the questions and answer choices. But, most importantly, you'll learn to identify correct answers without fail.

Why do we share answers to your questions?

If you've struggled with a question, other students might struggle with it too. So every time you ask a question in ASK Katya, the question AND the answer will be posted on the platform for others to learn. This process creates a fantastic opportunity to learn from each other's questions and enrich your test knowledge. My goal is to create a community of students who share their knowledge and insights and learn from one another.

Never Lose Motivation!

Sometimes, you will lose motivation, primarily when you work on your worst section. I am here to help. Every month, you will get a 15-minute 1:1 chat with me where we can work through your problems in real-time.

Sometimes, I play the role of a therapist, motivational coach, or trusted advisor. Whatever you need, I am here to help!

Additionally, working in a group dramatically helps with motivation as you get to "feed off" of others' passion. Group classes will also allow you to watch other students in action: how they approach questions, where they make errors, and how they fix them and solve problems.

What’s included in the membership?

  • One 15-minute 1:1 lesson with our fierce leader, Katya, per month.
  • 4 Weekly LIVE classes on ZOOM covering a variety of SAT topics.
  • Access to an extensive Video Library of SAT drills and training
  • LIVE Reading Comprehension Training. Passage walkthroughs, parsing, and so on.
  • LIVE Study Hall, where we cover a specific Reading or Grammar Passage in detail.
  • LIVE Math Lessons: We study a new math concept and then apply it to different problems.
  • Session Recordings are available at any time.
  • Unlimited ASK Katya section where you can get your specific questions answered.
  • Vocabulary Resources and Videos
  • Training Resources, including access to Katya’s books
  • UNLIMITED support between sessions.
  • Bonus Lessons and MORE

Course Curriculum

  Grammar Essentials 💯
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  Lesson Recordings 🎥
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  Walkthroughs of Prose Fiction Passages 🐥 Reading Comprehension Training 🐥
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  Walkthroughs of History Passages 🧙 Reading Comprehension Training 🧙
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  Walkthroughs of Natural Science Passages 🦠 Reading Comprehension Training 🦠
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  Walkthroughs of Social Science Passages 👭🏻 Reading Comprehension Training 👭🏻
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  ASK Katya Grammar Questions 🤳
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  ASK Katya Reading Questions 📲
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  ASK Katya Math Questions
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  VOCAB to Learn Daily ✅
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  Evidence - Based Questions [SAT Reading] ✅
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  Complex reading materials
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an average Monthly Calendar Look like?
You’ll get access to the Full Lesson Calendar as soon as you join. Here is a sample calendar with approximate times of classes.
How long should I stay as a member to achieve my goal score?
Every student has a different level of skill coming into the program, so it greatly depends on your current ability. Some students may only need a few lessons to gain 100+ points on their SAT verbal. Others will need a year of dedicated work to reach their 750 or 800 on the SAT verbal. For a slow reader and with poor comprehension skills and limited vocabulary, it will take more time to advance. In general, I suggest 3 months of membership to ensure that you develop effective reading and test-taking skills.
Do you Still Tutor Privately One-on-One?
Yes, working with students privately is very important for my practice and self-development as a tutor. I derived many insights that I now teach in the SAT Verbal from teaching my clients one-on-one. Although I had to reduce the number of private students, I still manage to work with 5 - 6 people every week. You can inquire about private tutoring here:
Will you be covering math as a part of the membership?
You can ask me a math question in ASK Katya, but there will be no LIVE math lessons.
Can I get a refund if I am unhappy with the course?
Of course! If you are unsatisfied with the quality of my content or support, you can get a full refund within the first 30 days. You can email me directly at [email protected] and we'll sort it out.