The difference between words Affect and Effect very frequently shows up on the SAT and the ACT. Knowing the difference between Affect with an A and Effect with an E will also be very instrumental in any standardized exam you prepare for: be it PSAT, SSAT, ACT, TOEFL, GMAT or ISEE.

Let’s now get to the difference:

Affect with an 🅰 is a verb and describes an action or exerting influence.

👉Ex: She was AFFECTED by the storm.

Effect with an E is a NOUN and describes a thing or an outcome of come action.

👉Ex: This intervention program had a positive EFFECT on Steven🙇.

Here is a memory trick that will help you remember the difference:

Affect with an A s an 🅰CTION or a verb. If you are looking at an Action, then use Affect. Otherwise, use Effect.

Hope this lesson will have a positive Effect on your writing and test scores. Not knowing the difference will Affect your score negatively.

The following lesson comes from the SAT Vocabulary Workbook by Katya Seberson.

Here is the link to get the book and here is a photo from the book’s page.

If you’d rather learn from video, here is a link to a video version of this lesson of Affect and Effect.